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CBD Oil (cannabidiol)


  • Non-THC (without addictive or psychoactive properties)

  • Extra virgin, cold pressed 100% pure cannabidiol

  • Oils extracted by cold pressing the plant

  • No heat or chemicals used which allows the oil to retain all its positive health giving properties

Benefits may include:

  • Reduce long term or acute pain and inflammation in muscles and joints!

  • Aid from muscle spasms!

  • Help recovery process of pulled muscles or strains!

  • Lengthen sleep duration!

  • Reduce anxiety!

  • Help recovery after a workout or physically strenuous day!

  • Skin lotion to help with fibromyalgia

Getting Started:

  • Talk with us about the issues you may be experiencing and setting you up with your CBD!

  • Everyone’s body is different so some people may see different results as well as different conditions can have various causes that can be creating problems outside of what CBD can do alone.

  • Try our 1/2oz size first to see how it works for you!


All Innate Fitness Latrobe Members are 10% off CBD purchases at our facility!


Call 724-520-4440 or email innatelatrobe@yahoo.com for more info or to order!

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