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Conditioning & Core Classes

Individual Class Membership

  • Sign-up for chaos, or kickboxing, or cycling and have access to all available times each week for that class.


  • •$79/month to month


  • •$59/month-6 month loyalty contract


All Access Classes & Open Gym

  • $99/month- month to month


  • $89/month- 6 month loyalty contract


  • $79/month- 1 year loyalty contract

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Class Packages

  • Get full-body conditioning through our airdyne bikes and rowing machines!

  • These methods allow for lower and upper body challenges in movement, so overall creates greater intensity and better challenges for you to reach your goals!

  • Improve your core and hip stability through different exercises that challenge your bodies posture and balance!

  • Overall this class is a great lower impact way to challenge your muscular and cardiovascular endurance along with improving core control.

  • 45 minute class

Cardio Machines & Core Burn Class

Kickboxing Conditioning & Core Class

  • Enjoy the fun of utilizing kickboxing movements and footwork into your fitness activity!

  • Really challenge your cardiovascular system, muscular system, and body control with this class!

  • This class will also balance your cardiovascular training with strength by utilizing body weight, bands, and medicine balls in your training!

  • Focused on fitness rather than self-defense!

  • All movements will strengthen and condition the body!

  • Learn to have a strong core in everything you do!

  • 45 minute class