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customers testimonials

Testimonials from athletes we have trained, also called "Game Changers"

Maddie Holmberg - Hempfield Area High School/Penn State University - Track

“Pushing myself through each station required a lot of mental discipline. Every time we rotated, new muscles are targeted.  Leaving innate fitness, I could feel that I had effectively completed an intense full body work out! “

- Maddie Holmberg


-2 time WPIAL champ in long jump (WPIAL record)

-2 time 100 hurdle WPIAL champ

-3 time 4x1 WPIAL Champs (WPIAL record)

-2 time 300 hurdle wpial champ (WPIAL record)

-3 time WPIAL team champs

-2 time 4x1 state champ

-Long jump state champ

-300 hurdle state champ

-2 time team state champ

-PIAA female track athlete of the year



Jonty Loukes - Point Park University - Soccer

"The personal training that I did with Innate Fitness enabled me to get into the best physical shape of my life. I was unable to compete and succeed against some of the best collegiate athletes around. As a former professional in England I have had the opportunity to train with some of the best and the trainers at Innate are top-notch in their field preparing athletes to compete at an elite level. "

- Jonty Loukes


-2x All Conference

-2013 Runner Up Offensive Player of the Year

-3 year Point Park University Team Captain



Sam Krivus - Hempfield Area High School/ University of Virginia - Wrestling

"Innate Fitness made me a lot stronger in many areas and really improved my coordination and balance. "

- Sam Krivus



-National Rank #2

-3x Super 32 champion(preseason nationals)

-2x Flo National champion(post season nationals)

-Pa State Champion

-2x Powerade runner up

-3x Section champ

-2x WPIAL champ


De'Lorian Day, Seton Hill University - Track

"Innate provides me with the most efficient training for my sport and gives me the flexibility I need to work in training with my schedule."

- De'Lorian Day


Alli Mello, Seton Hill University - Soccer & Equestrian

"Innate Sports Performance Training has helped me improve as a NCAA Division II athlete and keeps me in good condition for equestrian and soccer."  

- Alli Mello

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"I participated in personal training and chaos programs at innate fitness. I have always been someone who loves working out and spending a lot of time in the gym but because of stress from school and other priorities I had fallen off track back in May from both my diet and a consistent exercise schedule.


Without the help of Scott and the entire Innate staff I would have never been able to succeed to my goals as well as I managed to this past month. I can’t thank them enough for all of their great support, motivation, guidance and help on this journey of mine."

(In 1 month her results  were - Lost: 12lbs. and  4% body fat    Gained:  3% muscle mass)

- Sydney



"As a nationally ranked, Division II Lacrosse, program that has national title aspirations, we take our workout programs very seriously.  We must focus throughout the year to improve our strength, quickness, power, agility, & conditioning.  We know that improvements made throughout the fall and early spring will directly impact our ability to win those tough games down the stretch.  This fall we partnered with Innate Fitness to construct, implement, and evaluate our fall workout program.  We have seen tremendous result from this partnership.  Innate trainers were knowledgeable, engaged, and professional.  They helped push each of our players to greater heights.  They have made a positive impression on our players, our coaches, and our athletic department.  I could not be more pleased with Innate Fitness." 

- Coach Brian Novotny Seton Hill Men's Lacrosse



"Training at Innate and adding the dry land training with Innate Trainers for our team has benefited our swimmers both individually and as a team.  All the swimmers that are in the program have improved times and set personal best times in the 2 months we have started training with Innate.  Our swimmers LOVE the training from the trainers at Innate Fitness.  They push our athletes out of the water to perform their best in the water!  Thank you and we look forward to working with you to keep reaching goals for our swimmers and club!"

- Lisa Crupie (Board Officer/Secretary)



"After a successful year of personal training with Rick (I joke that it is like a marriage – I love him and I hate him at the same time) my abilities and capabilities have been pushed and expanded. I am stronger than I ever imagined and my body has been transformed in ways I could not achieve elsewhere. I know too, my bone and heart health have improved and strengthened. That is what it is all about - being healthy and mobile as we age gracefully!


Innate is a family – we all bond over our goals, our triumphs and our willingness to support and encourage each other in Chaos. We laugh and we collapse together. This has been an amazing year! Thanks Innate for changing MY game!"

-Lisa Mensch



"I started Chaos when Innate Fitness opened in January.  I saw results with a couple of weeks and I was hooked.  Chaos has enhanced my conditioning and strength.  During my workouts I realized that I struggled with full body workouts and the trainers pointed out that my weaknesses were my core and upper body.  With the help from Rick Evens (Personal Trainer) and the Innate Staff, I have gained more strength and have turned my weaknesses into my strengths.  I am so grateful that I found Innate Fitness and look forward to seeing more results!!!"

- Jen Kelly



“A few weeks into our sessions, we found out about the Weight Loss Challenge.  With a side bet on the line, myself and two friends (Jim Jones and Jerry Radebaugh) signed-up for the challenge which made us eligible for discounts on Chaos membership.  At the start of the challenge, I had set a personal goal for myself and planned to attend two Chaos classes a week. At final weigh-in, I finished well beyond the highest goal I had set for myself. I received much needed advice along with encouragement from all the innate staff and members.

Total Weight Loss:  35lbs

Total Body Fat Lost:  9%

Total Lean Muscle Gain:  4%

Pants Size Lost: 2-3 “

- Jason Weirs



“The Innate staff is made up of absolutely 100% top quality people.  Every trainer that I had come in contact with was nothing but helpful, encouraging and positive.  The support you receive from the dozens and dozens of people that attend Chaos classes with you is simply amazing. I honestly haven't felt this good since I was in my early 20's.  I plan on continuing with Chaos training in my hopes of maintaining what I have accomplished.  Thank you everyone for your support through this challenge.  Thank you Tim and Luka for creating such an awesome facility.”

- Unknown



"I am so grateful for Innate Fitness! I started this challenge because I saw it advertised on Facebook. I thought it would be a great motivator to start to get into shape. I am a 42 year old mother of 3. I was never an athlete and never worked out with any consistency for more than about 6 months. I started dieting, attempted running, and bought DVD workout sets. I always started off strong, but then life just gets in the way - well that was my excuse anyway.


My first day of Chaos I was a nervous wreck. I was embarrassed of my size and my inabilities. I have NEVER experienced a more welcoming environment than Innate! Not just the staff, but the people that go there. There are all sizes, all levels, all ages. No one ever criticized me, or rolled their eyes. In fact, people cheered me on, gave me motivations when I needed it, and supported me. You staff is amazing because you set the bar high! Thank You, Thank you, thank you! I will continue my journey and I am committed to my overall health and fitness! You are changing the game and changing lives! Thanks again!"

- Stacy S.


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