WEIGHTLOSS CHALLENGE - Innate Fitness Latrobe

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Innate Fitness Latrobe - Gym | Latrobe, PA


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Not just measured by losing weight but by increasing muscle. Anyone can participate, teens and adults!


Start learning and having the motivation to make lifestyle changes that can take your life in a healthier direction!



•Cash prizes to the top 3 overall team finishers taken from the entry fee. (entire entry fee goes to the prize earnings)

•Top 3 team finishers at each location receive 20% off coupons for any one contract payment or session packages.


General Information:

•This Challenge will include Latrobe, Youngwood, and Monroeville locations.


•4 people per team: You can sign up your own team of 4 or sign up alone and get placed onto a team. Sign up at ANY Innate Fitness Location. You do not need to be an Innate Fitness Member.


•Cost: $10


•Initial Weigh In Date: Friday, January 5th 5pm-6:30pm or (other pre-requested time) and Saturday, January 6th from 7:30am-9am and 10am-12pm


•Final Weigh In Date: Friday, March 3rd  5pm-6:30pm or (other pre-requested time) and Saturday, March 4th from 7:30am-9am and 10am-12pm


•Sign Up sheets will be at the front desk of each location from December 12th – January 6th. There will be a sheet for people who already have teams and a separate sheet for people who sign up individually.



•Only eligible if participating in the challenge

•25% off of any sessions package during challenge only (limited to 2 packages)

•20% off of contract payments during the challenge only

•New Members can take advantage of the new member intro packages for the first month and for one program only.

•Details will be provided within each individual Innate Location!


Scoring/Points Earnings: 

•1 point -for each % of body weight that you lose.


•1 point -for each % of body fat lost


•1 point -for each % of lean muscle gained


•2 points -for referring friends who sign-up for the challenge and a training program during the challenge at the participating facility.


•5 points - completing our workout challenge during our Saturday 9am Chaos class at the time of weigh ins and weigh outs!

oYou must perform the challenge at the gym where you register.

oThe workout challenge is split into an intermediate level, so anyone can push themselves to do it and a Higher level version for those wanting to push their limits.


•2 Points- bring in 5 canned goods to be donated to the food bank!!! You  must have canned good present at weigh ins. No I.O.U’s


•Team scores will be calculated by adding each individuals score together. All scores for all categories will be rounded to the nearest decimal point.


•Exact Prizes will be posted in each location once weigh ins are completed and we have the final number of participants in the contest.


50/50 Drawing

•Can purchase tickets for entire length of challenge

•Winner drawn on weigh-out day

•$5 for 3 tickets and $10 for an arms length



•To get an event ticket pre-register at the facility or pre-register online through our website or facebook page events section. By Pre-registering you will be entered into a raffle to win a free month membership combo of 5 small group personal trainings and unlimited Chaos. There will be 2 winners! (This free combo is $158 value normally) You can also show up the day of weigh-ins if you don’t pre-register.


New Year, New Motivation Team Challenge

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